Poèmes et autres seuils

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Poèmes et autres seuils, 2017
Poem, text messages, wooden stick, earth floor (in front of the museum entrance), time (45 days), daily performance

In 2017, for the exhibition Poèmes et autres seuils at Musée Pierre-Noël, in Saint-Dié, France, the museum director was asked to write the daily line, delivered by text message each morning, on the ground of the entrance courtyard. In exploring poetry writing and thresholds of language in fleeting, temporal form in solo and group exhibitions, the artist developed a series of actions that use writing as a daily link to the indoor or outdoor space where they are performed. The length of each poem is defined by the length of the exhibition: the text, equal in lines to the number of days, is disclosed in fragments. The action is repeated each day but is never the same; it becomes a ritual and invites new ways of celebrating the quotidian. This simple gesture, which materializes differently in each setting, is a measure of the passing of time that reveals, through the appearance and disappearance of words, a sense of poetic rebellion against the instability of the present.

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    Performance views, Musée Pierre-Noël, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France, 2017

Performance views, Musée Pierre-Noël, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France, 2017