Mondes nomades


Marco Godinho – Mondes nomades

Ed. by Hélène Guenin & Marco Godinho
Distribution by Silvana Editoriale

Texts by Hélène Guenin, Christophe Gallois, Marco Godinho
Illustrated portrait by Keong-A Song

Bilingual edition (English / French)
14 x 21 cm (paperback with flaps)
80 pages (ill.)

ISBN : 9788836636273

For a number of years now, Marco Godinho has been sensitively tackling the themes of exile, memory and geography inspired by his own experience of nomadic life, suspended between different languages and cultures and nourished by literature and poetry. From installations and videos to drawings and collaborative pieces, his works form a map of a world shaped by personal experiences and multiculturalism.

From the static traveller in his Monde nomade that opens the exhibition to the tireless and foolhardy adventurer who sets out to explore geographic boundaries and the far-flung depths of the world, he appropriates cartographic conventions and puts them to the test.

The MAMAC exhibition focuses on a selection of works related to these geographical and biographical explorations while shedding light on the artist’s creative processes. Marco Godinho has been honing an in situ style for a number of years now, carefully weighing up the economic and ecological aspects of his work. Thus, most of the works on display are recreated on-site or made from recycled materials.

Hélène Guenin, Director of MAMAC, NICE

MAMAC, July - November 2017

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